Have a leak? Don’t wait! Call us today

At Point Grey, we know that leaks can be minor or quite serious. The level of severity is often dependent on how quickly the leak is discovered and how rapidly you seek help.

Leaks including slab, gas, yard or sewer can cause extensive damage to your property. Especially if left unattended or ignored. From major structural damage to whole house repiping, leak repairs can be complicated and expensive. Our leak detection experts can discover and resolve even the smallest leaks with the latest techniques and technicolour.

Warning Signs

Think you have a leak? Sometimes they can be hard to pinpoint. Here are some warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored:

  • Noticeable water damage in cabinets, ceilings or floors
  • A water meter’s red flow indicator is always moving
  • Flooding or pooling water
  • Water that is audible dripping
  • Increased water bills

Detecting Leaks Quickly:

We can use camera snaking to aid us in locating and diagnosing leaks quickly. This minimizes water damage to your home or office. In addition, we also use the below techniques to quickly find a leak:

  • Pressure testing and visual inspection to look for obvious signs of leaks.
  • Moisture probes and sensors, we pinpoint the source of the leak quickly and safely.
  • Fiber optic borescopes, we can use non-invasive measures to look within floors or walls without damaging them.