Living in Rain-Couver? Call us to unclog your drains!

Whether it’s a clogged toilet, sink or drain, Point Grey can help! Drain maintenance and repair can often be put off, but it leads to serious damage if left unserviced.

Camera Snaking

Unsure of what might be clogging your drain? We use camera snaking technology to pinpoint where exactly the drain is clogged – making repairs cleaner and more efficient.

Think your drains are clogged? Check the signs

  • Foul smell from the kitchen sink or garbage disposal
  • Slow drainage in showers, sinks, or toilet
  • Pools of water around drain
  • Loud gurgling sounds

The most common areas of clogged drains include toilets, sinks, showers, bath tubs, and washing machines. Be sure that all of your drains are serviced regularly for easy and smooth water flow.

To find out more about our bathroom plumbing services today, contact PGP at 604-263-7676.